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What Role Can Smart Technology Play in Helping a Frustrated User?

From connected cars with crash prevention sensors to internet-connected appliances in our homes, smart technology is increasingly becoming a part of our lives and changing how we interact with the world on a day-to-day basis. [...]

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To Raise Honest Kids, Follow These Tips

Studies show an overwhelming majority of parents believe it’s important to raise honest kids. Moreover, these parents believe they have a responsibility to teach their children to value honesty and integrity. However, teaching children to [...]

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Reading Recommendations: 5 Behavioral Economics Books

Every year is a good year to be aware of your financial behavior, but in 2017 our need for a more self-aware and enlightened citizenry somehow seems more urgent. If you’re looking for something new [...]

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David Kinnear: The Debate Over Charter Schools

This month, new leaders and policymakers will begin taking office in Washington. Many of them have pledged to tackle what is perhaps the most contentious issue in education right now: school choice. The question of [...]

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